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"Your Business is Our Business"

The Story of Golden Owl Consulting

Golden Owl Consulting aims to help small to medium-size businesses in Northeastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas grow through marketing and advertising.

We understand that your business is your pride and joy which is why our 'words to live by' are "Your Business is Our Business".  It is extremely important to us that you feel comfortable with us, as well as our partners, which is why we work with the best in the area in media, advertising, promotional products, and more. It is our goal to work with representatives that share the same business outlooks as we do, to ensure our clients receive the best quality service. Our clients and partners are not only working with us, but they are also becoming part of the Golden Owl Consulting family.  

Over the course of 15 years, we have worked with many businesses, some of whom hadn't realized they were in need of consulting, marketing, advertising and community relations for their business.  We have helped businesses in industries including technology, insurance, business consulting, restaurants, entertainment venues, construction, waste management, and even the non-profit sector grow their business through our services.  In fact, one of the best parts of our job is to learn about new industries and businesses as we help them grow.

We work side-by-side with our clients, which allows us to fully understand their business culture, operations, and goals to assists us in ensuring that their business and marketing goals are aligned. Our reward comes when we get to share in a client's excitement when they realize how beneficial staying on top of marketing their business has become. 

Theresa Bandru

Owner & Lead Marketing Consultant 

"She Believed She Could, So She Did"

Theresa Bandru, the owner of Golden Owl Consulting, is a native of Northeastern Pennsylvania and a graduate of Temple University’s School of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Philadelphia, where she received a degree in Sport and Recreation Management. While at Temple she fell in love with the marketing, entertainment and fundraising portions of the program, ultimately leading to the opening of Golden Owl Consulting. Theresa has over 15 years of experience working with Professional level sports teams, entertainment venues, non-profits, event venues, medical practices, contractors, and more, all of these helping to grow Golden Owl Consulting.  Working with different businesses has allowed Theresa the ability to learn and adapt to a new industry as well as mold the scope of business and marketing practices to fit the needs of each individual business, leading to our and ultimately our client’s success. 


Q: You talk a lot about your past experiences, which ones do you feel significantly helped you now.

A: “I think that all my experiences have helped me in some way or another.  Significantly, I think that working with the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders and the Philadelphia 76ers were amazing experiences that I would never trade but showed me that the sports/entertainment world was not where I belonged.  However, working at The Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia gave me a glimpse into the business side of the entertainment (particularly music) world that now helps me to work with some venue owners and bar/restaurants for their event promotions.  Working in the construction industry ironically opened me up to get heavily involved in business networking right before I opened Golden Owl and working for a pool installer and storefront, medical practice, and a painting company that helped me to learn business operations, including understanding insurance.  So really, any experience will benefit you if you value and learn from the lessons.”


Q: What is your choice of philanthropy to support and why did you choose this one?

A: The Andrew Mazza Foundation.  In 2016 we lost a very close friend to a tragic accident, during which he assisted in saving the life of a friend who was also trapped in the vehicle.  During our grieving, we came together to find a way to celebrate his life and memory.  Five years later we have raised the funds to help many other families in need, support community enrichment projects, partner with a local non-profit college to aid students, and even assist in opening a non-profit Medical Clinic in Andrew’s name.  I don’t think I chose to be a part of this, I think Andrew just kind of chose me, but I am grateful every day that he did.  When I was approached to help, my now “Co-Director”, had no idea I had a background and education in fundraising, marketing, and events, she was just drawn to ask me.  The Universe!”


Q: What would you say to small business owners who are hesitant to get into “new-age” marketing?

A: “I would start by telling them that they are 75% of my client base and not alone!!  A lot of business owners get discouraged very quickly with marketing because it is ever-changing and difficult to keep up with.  Today’s marketing is comprised of only about 40% traditional advertising, including print (magazines/newspapers), voice (radio), and visual (TV/billboards) avenues.  Although it is a scary dive for those who have been in business for years it is necessary to help them survive and grow.  I assure my clients that I am here every step of the way, they are handing the image of their business over to me, and that is scary.  I want them to know that their input is valuable, and their ideas are wonderful, I’m here to work with them to improve those and use them efficiently. I try to explain as much as I can along the way so that they are also learning and understanding the techniques that are most successful both today and in their industry."


Q: If you had one piece of advice for business owners what would it be?

A: “Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, both personally and professionally, and you will find invaluable connections that will help you to grow your business and help others grow theirs as well.  One of the biggest assets that you have in business is your network, they not only help you to grow your business, but they also support you professionally.  I would say that ¾ of my book of business came through personal and professional connections.”

Photograph by: Valerie Shimonis, @ScrantonPhotog

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